Bringing People Together

Founded in 2018, the Mandal has a membership of over 90 households who share the rich traditions, language and culture of the state of Maharashtra, India. We share a common goal to foster our heritage and create a home away from home.

The Mandal organizes cultural programs and outdoor activities to relive traditions, celebrate festivals and bring the community together. In addition, we participate in the annual Diwali SA festival sponsored by the City of San Antonio. Our talented members showcase the rich and diverse cultures within the state of Maharashtra through music and folk dance. Gambling has been around for a long time too, there’s many gambling sites that offer lots of games for everyone, but we highly suggest you to get acquainted with free slots no download .

We welcome all Maharashtrians in San Antonio to be part of the Mandal – join SAMM and be part of the family! 


We share a common goal to foster the heritage of Maharashtra and create a home away from home