Bringing People Together

San Antonio Maharashtra Mandal(SAMM) is a Texas 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered and designated as an exempt organization with the IRS. All contributions and donations received by us are tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Code(IRC) section 170.

The Mandal is a family to around 70 households who come together to celebrate our rich traditions and culture. We all have the common goal to foster our heritage and make a home away from home for all. The Mandal organizes festivities, Cultural programs and Camping trips so everyone can take time out of their busy schedules and spend time with one another.

San Antonio Maharashtra Mandal also takes active participation in the Diwali festival sponsored by the city of San Antonio. We strive to showcase different cultures in the state of Maharashtra through dances and songs. Whether you are new to San Antonio, or have been here for a while, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone if you have not done so before. We will be very happy to make you part of our family!

The foregoing cannot be complete without mentioning our San Antonio Marathi Shala, SAMS which is extremely popular among marathi families and their children. SAMS offers a great opportunity for our children to communicate with their family, especially the grandparents in their mother tongue. Marathi language is a gateway to our culture and rich heritage. Keeping this in mind, SAMS is providing help with baby steps to our youngsters to speak, read and write Marathi; and have fun learning it. For more information visit SAMS or email us at

We all have the common goal to foster our heritage and make a home away from home for all.



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